JSF 2 Features

Spring Web Flow 2.2 Adds More JSF 2 Features

Jessica Thornsby

Spring Web Flow 2.2 main Spring Travel sample now built with PrimeFaces components and JSF 2.

Spring Web Flow version 2.2 is out now.

Spring Web Flow 2.2 adds support for JSF 2 features, including
partial state saving and JSF 2 resource request. Please note that
partial state saving is only supported with Sun Mojarra 2.0.3 or
later. The main Spring Travel sample, which demonstrates Spring Web
Flow and JSF support, is now built on components from the
PrimeFaces component library and JSF 2, and a Spring Security tag
library is available to be used with JSF 2.0 or with JSF 1.2. The
bundled custom Dojo build has been upgraded to version 1.5.

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