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Spring Roo 1.2.2 released

Chris Mayer

Minor improvements have been made to Spring’s rapid application development tool, mostly towards keeping it up to do with JDK 7.

SpringSource have announced the latest release to their open
source super-speedy application development tool, as Spring Roo
1.2.2 has emerged, bringing with it fixes for around 40 bugs.

The second maintenance release in the Spring Roo 1.2 series
focuses on making sure everything is as up-to-date as
possible, including support for Spring Framework 3.1.1 and JDK
7. Project Lead Alan Stewart also detailed a new ‘tailor’
within Spring Roo 1.2.2, donated by partner Accenture.
This add-on makes Roo infinitely more powerful as it allows teams
using Roo to streamline their usage in large projects, giving
greater co-ordination over bigger groups. It also allows single
users to define an approach and translate that over into multiple
projects, saving valuable working for next time. The tailor feature
should give Spring Roo an extra bit of zip for those wanting a
fully-built Java application as quickly as possible.

Other bugs quashed include building and compling problems,
one-to-one relations in stack overflow testing, JSON invalid
examples and some naming conflicts. To have a glance at them all,
check out the
Release Notes
. This marks the second update this year for
SpringSource’s rapid instant Java application builder, as Roo 1.2.1
focused on performance enhancements. 

You can of course download it via the Community
page, and you can soon integrate it into your arsenal
of technologies.

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