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Spring Roo 1.2.1 released

Chris Mayer

Rapid Java application development tool gets first maintenance release of the year.

After releasing the major version back in December,
SpringSource’s rapid Java application development tool Spring Roo
bounces back into vision with its first update of 2012.

Project Lead, Alan Stewart informs us that
Spring Roo 1.2.1
is primarily a maintenance release, brought
out to keep pace with the everchanging development landscape,
updating to incorporate support for the latest
releases of PrimeFaces 3.1 and Google App Engine 1.6.2.
There are also some bugs ironed out for multi-module
Maven support and JSF/PrimeFaces, which needed sorting out from the
last full version.

Spring Roo is billed as
‘the next-generation rapid application development tool
for Java developers’ promising fast creation times, no compromises
and most importantly, 100% Java coding meaning it’s easy to pick up
straight away. A no frills approach? Far from it. What sets Spring
Roo apart is the sheer number of technologies integrated. Bar those
previously mentioned, there’s also Apache Tomcat, AspectJ, Eclipse
IDE, Jetty, Hibernate and much much more. You name it, it’s
probably there. 

Roo is quite clever. The lightweight console monitors all
your projects whilst you’re developing and adapts it as you code.
For more details on how Spring Roo works in your development
environment, check out their site for all
resources. This release (and future releases) doesn’t have any

reference documentation
, so that’s your best bet for learning
how to use Spring Roo if you’re a novice.

Roo requires JDK 6 and Maven to run. Download
here to join the Spring community today.

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