Next update of rapid app development tool arrives

Spring Roo 1.2.0 delivers first release candidate

Chris Mayer

Community most wanted multi-module Maven project support arrives

The SpringSource team may have been hibernating for a few months
but with good reason. Today they certainly had a spring in their
step, publishing the
first release candidate
 of the next iteration of their
rapid application development tool.

Spring Roo, the open source tool received a big update and a
nitrous charge
back in September
 but after listening to community
feedback, the team were only happy to oblige with their user’s
request. The two main updates are multi-module Maven project
and PrimeFaces/JSF

They’ve also listened the community’s desire for more annotation
flexibility – creating the new @RooJpaEntity and
replacing the old @Rooentity with
@RooJpaActiveRecord. SpringSource heartily
encourage testers and feedback for RC1 in hope of seeing a full
release in the near future.

Keep up to date with any latest updates via their Twitter
account – @springroo

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