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Spring Roo 1.1.3 With Cloud Foundry Support

Jessica Thornsby

PLUS, ASM 4 gets full Java 7 support.

ASM 4 Gets Full Java 7 Support

The first release candidate of ASM 4, has been made
available. ASM is a Java bytecode manipulation framework
that offers functionalities similar to SERP and the Byte Code
Engineering Library. This release adds support for Java 7, although
this introduces changes in the bytecode format, meaning that all
other versions of ASM are unable to deal with ASM 4’s new format.
The support of invokedynamic has been overhauled to support new
encoding and bootstrap method arguments, and the API has been
generified to use generics and varargs.

Spring Roo 1.1.3 With Cloud Foundry Support

Spring Roo 1.1.3 has been released with support for
VMware’s new open source PaaS service and platform, Cloud
. This integration allows users to build, deploy and
manage Cloud Foundry applications directly from the Roo shell.
Improvements have been made to the Roo shell, and Spring Roo now
operates a continuous integration build server. This release also
features new SiteMesh and Op4J addons. More information is
available at the Release Notes.

OpenStack Cloud Project Release Cactus

The OpenStack scalable cloud operating system project has
announced the release of ‘Cactus.’ The Cactus release works across
OpenStack Compute, Storage and Image Service. The ‘Nova’ version
for OpenStack Compute adds new virtualisation technologies,
multi-cluster region support, and live migration support for
KVM-based systems. Meanwhile, the Glance version for OpenStack
Image Registry and Delivery features a new command line interface
tool, and support for multiple image formats. Finally, ‘Swift’ for
OpenStack Object Storage adds the option to serve static website
content directly from a Swift installation.

Beta for Xtend JVM Language

A beta of the Xtend statically-typed programming
language for the JVM, has been announced. Xtend particularly
focuses on implementing dependency-injected components, and is
tailored for performing code generation. The language features
support for Java Generics, closures, and advanced type inference.
Xtend users are able to enhance closed types with new functionality
injected via JSR-330. The Xtend library interacts with Java, in the
same way it interacts with Xtend code.

Eclipse Community Survey – Now Open!

The Eclipse Community Survey is now open for 2011! The survey will close on May
13th, at 5pm ET. The results are expected to be published in early

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