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Spring Roo 1.1.2 Updates GWT Support

Jessica Thornsby

PLUS, ZK framework 5.0.6 released, and Document Foundation reaches fund-raising target.

Spring Roo 1.1.2 Improves GWT Support

Spring Roo has reached version
. This release adds support for proxy server, and improves
the support for GWT by adding compatibility with version 2.2 and
boosting performance of the “gwt setup” command. Spring Roo 1.1.2
upgrades to JUnit 4.8.2 and Hibernate 3.6.1.Final, and adds support
for Maven 3 builds. More information is available at the Release Notes.

Ajax + Mobile ZK Framework 5.0.6 Released

The Ajax + Mobile ZK framework has reached version
. In this release, it is possible to implement an
application-specific SEO renderer that can output generated content
for indexing by search engines, without this being visible to end
users. Originally, SEO was implemented through the crawlable
option. DefaultTreeModel has been introduced to simplify TreeModel,
which provides a mutable and sortable tree model for tree data.
This release comprises of over 120 off-the-shelf Ajax

In related news, ZK Spring 3 is now available for testing. This project
provides an open source library integrating the Spring framework
with ZK. It can be downloaded now from Google Code.

Apache Chemistry Becomes TLP

is now an Apache Top Level Project. Chemistry
provides an open source implemention of the CMIS specification, and
consists of four sub-projects covering the worlds of Java, .NET,
PHP and Python. The project entered the incubator back in 2009. Recent Chemistryy releases
include the cmislib Python client version 0.4-incubating, and
OpenCMIS 0.2.0-incubating.

Clojure Framework Compojure 0.6.0 Released

Version 0.6.0 of the Compojure web framework for Clojure, is
now available on GitHub. With this release, Clojure no
longer adds default middleware to routes, meaning that users must
now explicitly add wrap-params and wrap-cookies middleware to their
routes. The compojure.handler namespace provides functions for
adding certain middleware functions to routes.

The Document Foundation Reaches Race for Funds

After announcing a
fifty-thousand Euro “race for funds”
last week, the Document
Foundation has reached its target, with some 2,000 donors
contributing the money needed to establish the Foundation as a
legal entity in Germany.

“We still can’t believe it,” says Florian Effenberger, Steering
Committee member. “It happened in such a short period of time and
was beyond our wildest expectations. You all really rock! On behalf
of the Community, the Steering Committee would like to thank all
the donors for their generous support.”

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