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Spring Roo 1.1.1 Released and Maven IDE Announced

Jessica Thornsby

PLUS, Android plugin for Gradle and Eclipse Board Members Election is go!

Sonatype Announce Maven IDE: Coming Soon!

Sonatype have announced they are currently working on a Maven IDE.

Maven IDE will take the form of a Maven-focused distribution of
Eclipse, which will consist of a base Eclipse distribution,
M2Eclipse and a series of Maven-focused integrations. Currently
under consideration for integration are JSR-330, Guice, Tycho and
Maven Shell, and Android and Webapp development tooling. Maven are
also considering integration with Sonar, SVN, Hudson and Git. The
project is looking for integration partners and feedback from the
community on which integrations should be pursued first. Maven IDE
will initially be available in an OSS community edition, followed
by commercial versions.

Android Plugin for Gradle

An Android plugin for the Gradle build system has been
released. This plugin enables developers to create Android apps
using Gradle. It includes functionality for compiling, packaging
and installing Android apps, and signing application packages with
either the default debug key or the release key for publication to
the Android Market. ProGuard is also incorporated into the build,
in an effort to ensure that applications have minimal memory

Eclipse Board Members Election 2011 – Who Will You

It’s that time of year again: nominations are now open for the 2011 Eclipse
board members! Members will be elected to represent both the
Sustaining (Solutions and Enterprise) Members and Committers,
although the ultimate number of representatives is dependent on the
number of Strategic Members as of February 1st this year.
Nominations must be received by January 28th, 2011. The list of
nominees will be released on February 2nd, 2011.

First 2011 Release for Saros

Version 11.1.7 of the Saros Eclipse plugin for
collaborative text editing, has been announced. With this release,
developers can collectively work on a project under version control
and Saros will manage the coordination between participations,
regardless of whether they have VCS software. Please note that
currently Saros is only compatible with Subversion, but support for
additional VC systems is planned for future releases.

Spring Roo 1.1.1 on the 11.1.11!

On the 11.1.11 the Spring team have announced Spring Roo 1.1.1! Roo 1.1.1 comes with several
new shell features, including reporting errors if an unknown option
is presented to a Roo command, and improved messages during
commands. This release also enhances support for VMforce, including
an upgrade to Data Nucleus 2.1.3. Support for GWT and JSON REST
controllers has been enhanced. SpringSource Tool Suite 2.5.2 will
be released “very shortly,” incorporating this latest version of
Spring Roo.

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