Daily Roundup

Spring Integration 2.0 and JBoss AS 6.0.0 RC1 Released

Jessica Thornsby

Plus, 50 new rules for CodeNarc and a beta of GPars 0.11.

JBoss Application Server 6.0.0 RC1 Released

The first release candidate of JBoss Application Server
6.0.0 has been announced. This release implements a module
structure for JBoss AS and adds clientAlias and serverAlias options
to JaasSecurityDomain, and MyFaces 2.0 support to JSF Deployer. It
also features a number of upgrades, including JBossWS to 3.4.0.CR3,
JBoss Threads to 2.0.0.CR7 and JBoss LogManager to 1.2.0.CR8.

Spring Integration 2.0 Moves to Spring

Spring Integration has reached 2.0, and is now built on top of Spring
3.0.5. Users can also leverage Conversion Service support, and the
HTTP adapters now delegate Spring’s RestTemplate for executing HTTP
requests and handling their response, meaning that users can reuse
any custom HttpMessageConverter implementations. Support for new
patters has been added, including the Message Store, Message
History and Claim Check patterns.

GPars 0.11 Beta 1 Released

A beta of GPars 0.11 has been announced. This
beta features new dataflow constructs, a new Java API, and agent
validators. However, this release does have a problem with some
configurations failing to integrate with GPars correctly, using the
Groovy Grape facility, and the team are requesting that anyone
experiencing such integration issues register their problems with
the team.

50 New Rules for CodeNarc

Version 0.11 of the CodeNarc static analysis
tool for Groovy, has been released. This release adds 50 new rules,
bringing the grand total up to around 130. There is also now a
Web Console

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