Merry Forking Christmas

Spring Framework migrates to Github

Chris Mayer

The framework makes the big move to join SpringSource’s sub-projects.

‘Merry Forking Christmas’ was the proclamation from SpringSource
engineer and open source committer Chris Beams, as the team
revealed the inevitable news that the Spring Framework was to join
the Github family.

Many of SpringSource’s sub-projects have already made the move
across the social coding phenomenon, but now the big daddy
has made the move across. Early signs suggest the forking party is
in full swing with activity picking up a lot on Spring’s projects

It can’t have escaped anyone’s attention that Github has clearly
established itself as the home for hosting, with Eclipse also
announcing intentions to move every project across by 2012’s end.

Chris Beams
explains the reasoning behind the transfer:

Git helps us with many of the challenges of managing a
large codebase like the Spring Framework, but what’s most exciting
is what Git
Hub means for the Spring
community. Many readers will already know the virtues of watching
and editing
, and the many other
 that GitHub adds to the already excellent
world of Git.

So remember, have a Merry Forking Christmas and get
creative with the Spring Framework on Github!

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