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Spring Framework creator Rod Johnson to join TypeSafe

Elliot Bentley

Johnson to join as a member of Board of Directors to help oversee the development of Scala and related stack.

Johnson’s move away from the Spring Framework, which he has
overseen since its creation 2003, has been known for a while. In
July, Johnson announced his departure from VMware in a blog post
entitled ‘Oh the Places You’ll Go!’, writing that he was “ready for
some different challenges”.

Today, just in time for the beginning of JavaOne, it emerged that
Johnson is to join Typesafe, the company behind Scala, Akka and
Play, as a member of the Board of Directors. While the press release
doesn’t specify what Johnson’s new role will involve, the company
says that he will bring “more than 15 years of experience in the
Java infrastructure software space”.

Typesafe is a rising star within the Java industry: in August,
raised $14m in capital funding
, and Johnson’s involvement is
merely the latest triumph for the company. The Scala language’s
high-profile fans include Twitter, who switched
away from Ruby
in favour of Scala several years ago.

Johnson, who is no stranger to building a platform from scratch,
makes perfect sense for the burgeoning company – especially one
working on a language billed as “the next Spring”. Having created
the Spring Framework in 2003, he soon founded the SpringSource in
the subsequent year, and has continued to oversee its development
(and success) over the past nine years.

Hopefully the
future of the Spring Framework
is still in safe hands. In his
parting blogpost, Johnson insisted that he will “always be part of
the Spring community, and will continue to contribute ideas”.
Indeed, the momentum generated by Johnson over the past nine years
should leave it in good stead.

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