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Spring Framework 4.0.3 pops out of the box, ready of all your Java 8 needs

Lucy Carey

First post-platform update release for the framework built with OpenJDK 8 GA includes the latest ASM 5.0.1.

IT companies have been furiously tooling on their latest
releases in a bid to be on time for the big Java 8 release train.
Notably, NetBeans, Eclipse, and IntelliJ were quick to push out
their newest IDEs to coincide with the launch. Now Spring is
joining them in issuing its first post-Oracle release offering:
Spring Framework 4.0.3.

The latest incarnation of Spring is built with OpenJDK 8 GA, and
comes with the latest ASM 5.0.1 (with bytecode support at the JDK 8
GA level as well, superseding the custom ASM 4.2 fork that Spring
were using before).

Project Lead  Juergen Hoeller broke the news in a blog post on
the Spring site today. He added that “Spring Framework 4.0.3 also
comes with significant enhancements in the WebSocket space, with a
lot of real-life feedback incorporated back into the framework and
its configuration options.”

Looking forward, the Spring Framework team is now shifting their
focus to development on 4.1, as well as a 4.0.4 release to come in
May, although Hoeller points out that this will be merely a
maintenance release, as the crew view the 4.0.x feature set to be
fully realized.

The team behind the fourth generation of the Spring Framework have
been foresighted in their development, designing everything in a
“Java 8 compatible fashion” from the very beginning.
Unsurprisingly, the project was billed as  a development
which, “keeps Spring at the cutting edge of modern Java
development”. Accordingly, this means it plays well with the
edgiest new engines and custom application architectures.

For an inside-out look at the Spring Framework 4, we recommend
taking a once over of Josh Long’s article “Have
you seen Spring lately?
” (published in November 2013), which
looks in detail at the latest and greatest Spring projects and
their place in the Spring IO platform.

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