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Spring Android 1.0.0 M2 and Oracle Issue Java Security Fix

Jessica Thornsby

PLUS, second RC for JRuby 1.6.0 and new tool for using Mirah and Android.

Second RC for JRuby 1.6.0

The second RC of JRuby 1.6.0 has been announced.
This release addresses compatibility issues with 1.9, including
encoding issues and non-ASCII identifiers. RubyGems has been
updated to 1.5.0, and all GPL or LGPL-only dependencies have been
removed. In total, the second RC addresses 83 issues since RC1.

“Please (or should I say PLEASE) give RC2 a spin and help us
figure out if RC2 is good enough to become final. Only people
actively using JRuby’s –1.9 flag can help us figure this out (and
of course any 1.8.7 bug reports are also welcome). Your testing
will make the difference between a production-ready 1.6.0 and a
production-ready 1.6.1,” reads the announcement.

New Tool for Building Android Apps with

A new tool for building Android apps with Mirah has been
released. This initial release of ‘Pindah‘ requires the Android SDK and JRuby to
be installed. Moving forward, Pindah will focus on working with
mixed-source projects and auto-generating manifests.

Spring Android 1.0.0 M2

The second milestone of Spring Android 1.0.0 has
been announced. Spring Android supports using the Spring Framework
in an Android environment, and this milestone focuses on extending
the use of RestTemplate in native Android apps. With this release,
REST calls use the HttpComponents HttpClient 4 by default,
replacing Commons HttpClient 3. Support for Object-to-XML
marshaling, RSS and Atom Feeds have all been added.

Oracle Issue Fix for CVE-2010-4476

Oracle have released a Security Alert with a fix for the CVE-2010-4476
vulnerability. This vulnerability affects Oracle Java For Business
and Oracle Java SE, and is present in both Java running on servers
and standalone Java desktop apps.

Java Still On Top

February’s edition of the TIOBE Programming Community index has been
published, and Java is still in pole position! This month also sees
JavaScript move up another place, to nine.

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