52% say they are standardising on open source stacks

Sonatype open source survey shows growing importance for enterprises

Chris Mayer

Interesting research from Sonatype shows that open source is becoming the standard for the industry and nearly everyone is putting something back in.

A survey
conducted by Sonatype, known in Java circles for being behind open
source contributions to Apache Maven and Tycho, has revealed that
over half of enterprises consider open source infrastructures as
the standard for the industry.

52% of those
surveyed said they were standardising on an open source stack, a
rise of 3% from last year, making it now the majority. 2,550
experts took part in the extensive survey from several industry
juggernauts such as Oracle, RedHat, IBM and Apple. 52% were
software developers/engineers with a further 22% architects.

10% said that they only use commercially-supported open source
tools/infrastructure, which was again a 3% rise, suggesting that
the vast majority see the worth of the open source community, but a
rising number are looking for a robust commercial offering. Only
11% said that open source development wasn’t widespread within
their working environment.

Two thirds of
organisations questioned actively contributed back to the open
source projects, but a third were strictly consumers, suggesting
there’s still a one-way culture from some. Then again, 9%
apparently break company protocol to give something back. For the
greater good, eh?

Enforcement sadly
appears to be on the rise, with 20% claiming they can only used
approved components, which sort of goes against open choice.
Financial services appear to be on the leash the most in this
department, 31% of them face enforced rules.

In terms of open
source components themselves, Java dominates the landscape with 86%
of those surveyed saying it was critical in development for them.
Hardly a surprise really given it is the backbone of more-or-less
all infrastructures.

Maven Central
gets the status of champion open source component, with 78%
decreeing it critical or important to their business. The top five
was rounded out by Project Sites (51%), JBoss (43%), Atlassian
(39%) and GitHub (27%). The latter is slightly surprising given the
huge shift towards GitHub within the open source community, but
perhaps it hasn’t yet permeated the minds of business-savvy head
honchos. We hope that changes.

Finally, code
maturity and quality matter most to enterprises, with 51% deeming
both mission critical.

It’s clear that
more organisations are using open source tools as part of their
infrastructure, yet combined with this shift, the closed source
police are out with batons in hand. Check out the entire findings
in the rather snazzy Prezi presentation below – very
interesting reading!

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