Solar-powered web experiment

Solar – a browser-based module for the Play framework

Chris Mayer

With Typesafe Stack 2.0 out today (with the Play framework appearing for the first time), we highlight a new module for Play!

After today’s announcement of the second iteration of the
Play!, alongside

Typesafe Stack 2.0
, it seems logical to keep tabs on
experiments that are underway from the Scala web framework.

Mariot Chauvin offers
Solar - a new
module for the Play! Framework, which allows you to play
with applications directly in your browser, aiming
to reduce frictions between the developed applications
and the development tools
Taking inspiration
from Eclipse Orion and the Play module Erwan, Solar
could theoretically become their equivalent for Play.

Chauvin however says that he has different goals in mind when it
comes to Solar, hence why he didn’t reuse the code already
available to him. Chauvin says he has the following ideals on his

  • simplicity with neither code completion nor
  • quality with continuous testing and deployment
  • collaboration with code review integration 

It may be in the earlier stages of development but Chauvin
showcases what has been done so far. It’s possible to navigate the
application files (and edit and create new ones) and also edit, and
compile in real-time, Java files with syntax highlighting.

You should keep an eye on this one via GitHub, as it could
become an integral part of the Play! Framework in future

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