Software AG Plan Cloud Strategy

Software AG Acquire Terracotta

Jessica Thornsby

What does this mean for Ehcache, Quartz and the Terracotta platform?

The distributed caching and in-memory computing company,
, has been acquired by Software AG, home of the ARIS platform and the
CentraSite Business Service Repository for SOA and BPM.

In the press release, Software AG state that, with the addition
of Terracotta solutions, they expect accessing in-memory data to be
as much as 1,000 times faster than database access. Software AG
also state that Terracotta will provide the “cornerstone
technology” for the company’s cloud strategy. The new offering will
consist of Ehcache with BigMemory coupled to Terracotta Server
Arrays. Terracotta founder Ari Zilka describes this new
offering as being “standards-based and open, to work with most
application servers, development frameworks, and data stores. In
fact, we plan to make it the most open platform on the market, with
interoperability as a core value proposition.”

Software AG plan to maintain Terracotta’s product line (Ehcache,
Quartz and the Terracotta platform) as open source technologies.
Greg Luck of Terracotta elaborates on the
future of Ehcache, stating that it will continue to be available as
open source under the Apache 2 license, and as a commercial edition
with additional features. Terracotta will continue to host the same
web sites, domains and services.

“Software AG and Terracotta intend to take your app from
local-only simple caching, to distributed in-memory solutions, and
all the way to datacenter-wide or cloud-scale deployments on the
order of petabytes,” concludes Ari Zilka.

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