Android Takes 5% More of Total U.S Smartphone Market Share

Smartphone Wars!

Jessica Thornsby

comScore report that Android U.S market share has grown from 12% in April 2010, to 17% in July 2010.

According to a report posted by market research company
comScore, Android OS’s percentage of total U.S smartphone market
share has grown by 5%. It rose from 12% in April 2010, to 17% in
July 2010.

According to the report, Android was the only smartphone OS to
gain market share during that three month period. Apple’s
smartphone OS fell by 1.3% while Microsoft reportedly suffered the
greatest drop in marketshare amongst the five ‘big’ smartphone
players (namely Microsoft, Google, Apple, RIM, and Palm) falling
from 14% in April 2010, to 11.8% in July.

This growth was previously predicted by ChangeWave. Between
March 9th and March 23rd 2010, independent research organisation
ChangeWave conducted a survey of 4,040 mobile phone
consumers, and 30% of those planning to buy a smart phone in the
next 90 days said they’d prefer their new phone to run the Android

“Looking ahead, the explosive demand for the Android OS is
likely to continue,” ChangeWave reasoned – a theory that comScore’s
latest statistics seem to support.

The survey does not take into account other media where the
Android OS is currently gaining a foothold (or, of course, include
iPod and iPad sales.) With The People of Lava gearing up to launch
their Android-powered ‘Google
‘ and
rumours of in-car telematics
currently being developed based on
the Android operating system, perhaps it’s time to look outside of
the smartphone market, to see which OS ‘big player’ is really
taking the lead.

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