Test-Drive EMC

Skerrett: ‘Moving Towards a One-Click Install.’

Jessica Thornsby

The first release of the Eclipse Marketplace Client (MPC) is now available in the Java IDE and RCP packages of the Helios Milestone 6 release. The MPC can be accessed from the Eclipse Help menu, where it goes under the moniker of ‘Eclipse Solution Catalog.’

Ian Skerrett has blogged about this release, in a post entitled
‘Moving Towards a One-Click Install for the Eclipse Ecosystem,’
where he refers to this initial release as the “next step towards
creating an ‘App Store’ like experience for the Eclipse ecosystem.”
He reveals that, ultimately, it is hoped that each of the packages
will contain EMC.

Currently, when testing the EMC, not all of the Eclipse
Marketplace solutions are installable, and the team are encouraging
all solution providers to make their installable units available on
the Marketplace. Current installable units include Mylyn 3.3.2,
SearchTab 1.0.0 and Object Teams Development Tooling 1.4.0. For a
full list of installable units, please see the Eclipse Marketplace

According to the blog post, this
Helios M6
release of EMC is “pretty much feature complete.”
However, the EMC team are calling on the community to report any
bugs and provide general feedback.

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