Apache Top-Level Projects

Six New Top-Level Projects for Apache

Jessica Thornsby

Apache break their record for the most Top-Level Projects launched in single month.

The Apache Software Foundation have broken their record for the
most Apache Top-Level Projects launched in a single month, with the
creation of six new Top-Level Projects.

The HTTP/1.1 compliant caching proxy server, Apache Traffic
Server is graduating from the Apache Incubator, while five
Sub-projects of existing Top-Level Projects are becoming Top-Level
Projects in their own right. These are the Tika toolkit
for content detection and analysis; the Nutch web
searching engine; the Avro data serialisation system; the Apache
scalable implementations of machine learning algorithms,
and Apache HBase, which is a distributed database modeled
after Google’s Bigtable.

“Becoming a Top-Level Project is a vote of confidence from the
Foundation at-large, demonstrating a project has proven its ability
to be properly self-governed,” said ASF Chairman Jim Jagielski. “We
are proud of our Committers’ dedication in buildingrobust
communities under the ASF process known as ‘The Apache Way’.”

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