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Sergey Sverchkov: Evaluating NoSQL Performance - Which Database is Right for Your Data?

The need to operate terabyte-size databases becomes very common these days. Unless you have implemented architectures that use NoSQL databases and frameworks that support data-intensive distributed applications, then many technology options available are difficult to understand. This session focuses on real-world successful attempts to benchmark four of the most popular NoSQL databases side by side. The base tool selected for the purpose of this research is Yahoo Cloud Serving Benchmark and benchmarking is performed on Amazon Elastic Compute Cloud instances. We will benchmark MongoDB, Cassandra, HBase, and Riak in their default configuration, with tuned client and server side settings and we measure performance of them on 7 types of workloads. Watch this talk and learn: What NoSQL databases offer when it comes to solving the problem of store and retrieve massive amounts of data - How NoSQL databases different from each other - Benchmark test results - Best practices for scaling NoSQL databases - Lessons learned about contender's strong and weak areas - Anti-Patterns (things to avoid). Filmed at JAX London 2013.

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