Chevrolet Android App

Send Turn-By-Turn Directions to your Volt

Jessica Thornsby

General Motors announce new navigation and Google Map features for their Volt Android app.

OnStar, a wholly-owned subsidiary of General Motors, have
announced they are developing a number of new
features for the Chevrolet Volt mobile app based on Google’s
Android platform.

This new functionality, includes a navigation tab that will
display the current location of the smartphone owner’s Volt on
Google Maps, and the owner’s location relative to the vehicle.
Integration with Google search by voice means that users will be
able to vocally search for a destination on the Android smartphone,
and again see that location displayed relative to the Volt’s
current location. This information can then be sent to the Volt in
question, so OnStar Turn-By-Turn directions will be already loaded
when the owner starts their OnStar vehicle. These directions will
also be available in voice-guided format.

This functionality is currently planned for the app’s 2.0

Earlier this month, Motor Trend published an
claiming that General Motors were planning to develop
Android technology that would allow General Motor vehicle owners to
open, start and/or adjust their vehicles using their Android
handset. While this new functionality isn’t quite an
Android-powered car, it does demonstrate the next step in the
General Motors/Android story.

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