Daily Roundup

Second RC for jQuery 1.4.3 and Trio of Security Fixes for IcedTea6

Jessica Thornsby

PLUS, Apache Libcloud 0.4.0 and Apache Derby released.

Apache Libcloud 0.4.0 for Working With Cloud Server

Apache Libcloud version 0.4.0 has been released. Apache
Libcloud is a python client library for building products that work
with supported cloud server providers. This version introduces a
new ‘ElasticHosts’ driver and removes the dependency on
Zope.Interface. Keypair functionality has been added to EC2
Drivers, and deployment support has been added to GoGrid nodes.
There is also a list of bug fixes.

jQuery 1.4.3 RC2

The second release candidate for jQuery 1.4.3 is
out now. This is a feature-complete release. jQuery 1.4.3rc2
features additional tests relating to attaching data to a window,
and resize event tests. There are also some bug fixes.

Trio of Security Fixes for IcedTea6

IcedTea6 fans can now get their hands on three new security releases: IcedTea6 1.7.5,
IcedTea6 1.8.2 and IcedTea6 1.9.1. All three updates address
security vulnerabilities where MITM attacks occurred via session
renegotiation, an OpenJDK kerberos vulnerability, and an OpenJDK
DNS server IP address information leak. For a comprehensive list of
the security updates, please see the release announcement.

Apache Derby Provides Localisations of 10.6

Apache Derby have released version This release provides
localisations of new 10.6 messages, in addition to fixing some
bugs. It addresses a data corruption issue, and a tendency for
driver trace file not to close on physical connection close, when
it is specified with the traceFile attribute/setter. The names of
top-level test suites are now exposed, in an effort to allow for
easier scripting.

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