Day Two of JAX London Autumn Edition, 2010

Second Day of Second JAX

Jessica Thornsby

Keith Braithwaite asks, ‘why is the Communist Manifesto like the Agile Manifesto?’ and Dalibor Topic talks about JDK 7.

The second day of JAX London kicked
off with a morning keynote by Ted Neward, who looked at how current
trends are affecting the Java and .NET communities, before moving
onto an afternoon keynote that saw Keith Braithwaite drawing
parallels between the Agile Manifesto and the Communist Manifesto,
in a standing-room-only presentation.


Later on, Ted Neward delivered a
live coding session with a ‘Busy Java Developer’s Guide to Scala.’
Neal Ford also focused on the practical side of software
development, putting attendees to work at solving a problem using
agile development techniques, in ‘Hands-On Agile Development.’


Hot on the heels of the recent
announcement that JDK 7 will follow the Plan B option, Dalibor
Topic delivered a talk dedicated to JDK 7, discussing the new
features currently under development and giving attendees advice on
how to contribute back to JDK.


Later on this evening, JAX London
will open up its doors to the wider Java community, with the JAX
London Community Night, complete with three additional thirty
minute sessions. And, best of all, it’s open to non-conference
attendees too! Tomorrow JAX London is proud to welcome the OSGi
Alliance as conference partners, with the first of two OSGi

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