JAX London Tweet Roundup

Second Day of JAX London in Tweets!

Jessica Thornsby

Today saw Adobe making an iOS-related announcement, and plenty of great tweets!

The second day of JAX London saw Adobe announcing that
Flex now supports iOS
, alongside a full
programme of sessions
. Here’s our Twitter roundup for day

“Looks like a lot of great ideas are being exchanged at
#jaxlondon. The #Java EE platform is continuing to fight
misconceptions; nice.” – ALRubinger

“#Scala talk was a good intro to the language, Thanks Ted good
presentation. I think he could have gone for several more hours :)
#jaxlondon” – aidmcg

“#jaxlondon #ftw: badges with names printed on *both* sides,
mini-program in the badge, wifi, good hotel, great people.” –

“Thanks to the kind folks at #JAXLondon for letting me open
their conference, and thanks to the attendees for being so
welcoming.” – tastapod

If you’re planning on twittering about the conference, the
hashtag is #JAXLondon! Tomorrow, the conference will run tracks
dedicated to Systems Integration and the Spring ecosystem, with a
keynote from Adrian Colyer, which will look at ‘Enterprise
Applications in 2011: Challenges in Development and Deployment, and
Spring’s response.’ The afternoon keynote is ‘How Betfair Scaled
its Java Apps in Record Time’ and will aim to show developers how
to determine and define business transactions in a distributed
environment, and create a performance baseline based on business
transaction performance.

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