New Release for Java EE6 Project

Seam 3.0 Final Released

Jessica Thornsby

Version 3.0 of the Seam collection of portable extensions and tooling for Java EE6.

The final release of Seam 3.0 has been announced by the
Seam team. This is the first release based on the standardized
component model defined by the CDI (JSR-299) specification. It
contains the Catch module, which provides an infrastructure based
on the CDI event bus; Faces, which further unifies JSF and CDI; and
the Seam Solder module. Other included modules, are Wicket,
Security, Servlet, and REST, which provides an JAX-RS integration
for Seam-based applications.

Seam 3.0 Final can be downloaded from Sourceforge.

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