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Scaling Apps in a SaaS World

JAXconf's Wednesday opening keynote was presented by Kumar Muthukumar and Jyoti Bansal, covering application management and scalability at Taleo, a provider of on-demand talent management solutions.

Taleo.com has critical, highly demanding customers--including many companies in the Fortune 100. In addition, their production applications experience tremendous load that includes more than 75 million transactions a day.


As the SaaS company grew, Taleo's team realized that they had to strike a careful, delicate balance between serving those customers--enabling near-flawless uptime and availability--and ensuring that they had enough metrics and visibility for managing their production applications at all times.


How did they do it? Part of the answer was the shift from a reactive to a proactive approach to application management and scalability. This shift enabled their team to monitor and manage applications even over multiple tiers and hops--and gave the organization significantly better control over its distributed Java/SOA apps.

Claudia Fröhling

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