JAX Conf Report

Scaling Apps in a SaaS World


JAXConf keynote addresses issues of application management and scalability.

Wednesday opening keynote was presented by Kumar Muthukumar and
Jyoti Bansal, covering application management and scalability at
Taleo, a provider of on-demand talent management solutions.

Taleo.com has critical, highly demanding customers–including many
companies in the Fortune 100. In addition, their production
applications experience tremendous load that includes more than 75
million transactions a day.


As the SaaS company grew, Taleo’s team realized that they had to
strike a careful, delicate balance between serving those
customers–enabling near-flawless uptime and availability–and
ensuring that they had enough metrics and visibility for managing
their production applications at all times.


How did they do it? Part of the answer was the shift from a
reactive to a proactive approach to application management and
scalability. This shift enabled their team to monitor and manage
applications even over multiple tiers and hops–and gave the
organization significantly better control over its distributed
Java/SOA apps.

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