Its final version

Scala IDE for Eclipse V.2.0.1


Yesterday the Scala IDE team for Eclipse announced the release of V2.0.1

Yesterday the Scala IDE team for
Eclipse announced the
final release of V2.0.1, a mere few weeks since its last update; at
least it keeps the news following here at JAX! Last
month we
drew attention
 to the first milestone for
Scala IDE, showing the direction the team wanted to go. On the
Eclipse website they commented:

“While the goal of V2.0 was to provide a reliable
environment for your Scala coding, with V2.1 we want to bring your
Scala development experience to a whole new level.”

So what is new in the V2.0.1?!  Well, according to
the release, in 2.0.0 the IDE delivered better incremental
compilation by building on the Sbt incremental compiler — this was
all well and good at the time but now there is definitely no need
to stick with that version, because with the 2.0.1 they have
improved on the Eclipse builder by following Sbt more closely when
dealing with dependent projects.

This isn’t overly surprising, it just means that when “a
project has build errors, dependent projects are not rebuilt and
fine-grained information about changes in a project is propagated
to downstream dependent projects.” This leads to less files being
recompiled, the 2.0.1 version compiles exactly the same number of
files at the command line Sbt.

For those of you getting caught out by those annoying
little editor issues in the previous version your knight in shining
armour, so to speak, is Eclipse 2.0.1, as the blog goes on further
to discuss:

“We fixed a couple of small, but annoying editor issues:
double braces are inserted and deleted together, completions that
need an additional import won’t mess up the file, and Open
Declaration works when called from the contextual menu.”

If you were hoping for compiler improvements, then you’re
in luck as this release is based on Scala 2.9.2 and includes
improvements on the way compiler plug-ins are loaded, including the
continuations plug-in. This allows the user to have several
compiler plug-ins loaded next to each other. This makes life way
easier for the user.

This certainly is good news! For those of you who want to
go through every little change that has happened in this version,
you can do so by clicking here.

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