Dual upgrade for Scala

Scala IDE for Eclipse 2.1 M1 released, taking big leaps

Chris Mayer

Two bumper updates for both the language itself and the Scala IDE for Eclipse. Details within.

The people behind Scala at Typesafe sure have been busy the JVM
language over the past few months. Progressing the language has
long been on the agenda, as has improving Scala’s own IDE for
Eclipse. Well, both got upgraded, so to speak, over the weekend
with Scala 2.9.2 released and the first
milestone for Scala IDE 2.1
appearing too.

Acting as a sneak preview for what is to come, Scala IDE 2.1
Milestone 1 shows the direction the team want to go after Scala IDE
for Eclipse 2.0, saying on their website:

While the goal of V2.0 was to provide a reliable
environment for your Scala coding, with V2.1 we want to bring your
Scala development experience to a whole new level.

So, with the foundations laid down, what’s pushing the envelope
this time round for Helium? New features such as implicit
semantic highlighting
are certainly welcomed, showing the best
of what Scala can achieve and bringing it closer to what Scala is
all about.

There’s also the inclusion of move
, meaning that you can now move a source
file between packages or extract a class/object/trait definition
(from a file with multiple definitions) and move it to a new
location. Crucially without a lot of legwork in previous versions
and this solves one of the most demanded features. There are some
limitations with this, as it only works with Scala code so

The team have also been listening to the community using the
IDE, providing
better debugging support
. Four incredibly useful additions to
the arsenal for the Eclipse IDE which is available only
 and works with Eclipse
3.7 (Indigo)
. The team tested it using Java 6, but Java 7
can be used 
with some
. If you were unsure previously, now is a good
time to test the water, now it has the IDE has been given a big

Big things lay ahead for this IDE as the team say they
will create an API ‘to ease the development of plugins
on top of the Scala IDE’ with the hope of bringing more developers
and projects alongside it. The signs are encouraging.


Elsewhere in Scala-land, there’s also the final version of Scala
2.9.2 to look at. Although only a maintenance release, this version
fixes an  “out
of memory” error
 when running under the JDK on Windows 7.
To check all that is new and all that is fixed, read the release notes, as well
as downloading
the stable release.

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