Scala “bugfix release” now ready to download

Lucy Carey

2.11.2 now available from Maven Central, with 49 issues resolved and 70 pull requests reviewed and merged.


Low-level celebrations are in order on the JVM
front today, as TypeSafe Java alternative Scala (the purported
of memory managed languages on the JVM”) reaches release

. You go, Scala!

Scala 2.11x series
, which first went live
this spring, targets Java 6, with “evolving” experimental support
for Java 8. It’s sleeker and slimmer than previous release, with
the standard library within the Scala core shedding 20 percent of
its bytecodes.

Additionally, the Scala compiler has modularized
internally to separate the presentation compiler, scaladoc and the
REPL, which the team hopes will help facilitate contributions from
the robust community around the JVM language.

Release 2.11.0 also saw Scala undergoing a
“major” macro refurbishment, with the addition of quasiquotes,
which was noted to be, “the single most impressive upgrade for
reflection and macros in Scala 2.11.0.”

Though a relatively minor drop in comparison to
the big 2.11.0 outing, 2.11.2 – which is binary compatible with
previous releases in the Scala 2.11 series – has plenty of bug
fixes and tweaks that make it worth downloading. Some of the
biggest changes are resolved issues in the collection

collections library
, including equality on
ranges (
snd the optimizer no longer eliminates division instructions that
may throw an

Additionally, the -Xlint
compiler flag is now parameterized by individual warnings.
This is intended to replace the
options, for instance,
-Xlint:nullary-unit is equivalent to
-Ywarn-nullary-unit. Run scalac
to see all available
TypeTags and Exprs are also now serializable

Compared to 2.11.1, this minor new release, which is
available to download here at Maven Central, resolves
49 issues
, with the TypeSafe warder reviewing and
70 pull requests
. Assuming that there’s no
Heartbleed-esque levels of disaster, we can expect the next Scala
minor release in two months.

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