Don't believe the hype

Scala and Dart fail to break into TIOBE Top 50 . . . again


Scala and Dart are still stuck in the #50-#100 bracket of the TIOBE rankings, behind languages such as Lua and Groovy

If there are two words that get bandied around the
JAXenter and webdev360 and offices more than any
others, they’re ‘Scala’ and ‘Dart’ . You can’t fire up InfoQ
or DZone these days without seeing the latest release from Typesafe
of Typesafe Stack 2.0 being a case in point)
or some snippet of news from the official Dart blog. But, according to the
latest TIOBE index, both languages are still struggling to break
into the coding mainstream.

In the March 2012 edition of the influential
, both Dart and Scala continue to languish in the
#50-#100 bracket, a group of languages deemed not popular enough to
track properly. They share the spot with such illustrious
companions as JScript .NET, REALbasic, JavaFX Script and Go,
Google’s own attempt at marrying Python and C++.

The rankings are based on analysing the query “[language]
programming” across a number of search engines — as well as sites
such as Wikipedia, YouTube and Amazon — and have been criticised
in the past for the simplicity of their methodology. It certainly
seems odd that a pair of languages that get such a lot of media
(yes, we’re aware that we’re adding to it right now)
would fail to translate this PR into real grassroots interest, but
it looks like that’s the case.

It’s worth pointing out that research firm Redmonk’s latest
, based on “everything from GitHub LOC rankings to
LinkedIn group membership data”, are a lot kinder to Scala, placing
it behind the cluster of indisputable front-runners (C, Java, PHP,
etc.) but firmly in the top end of field. Dart, on the other hand,
doesn’t figure at all. We look forward to seeing how things change
in the months to come, but for now it looks like a case of ‘don’t
believe the hype’.

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