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Scala 2.9.2 RC2 and Scala IDE for Eclipse 2.0.1 RC2 arrives

Chris Mayer

The second release candidate emerges for Scala 2.9.2, showing a real community effort

Just over a week on from releasing the first release candidate,
we now get to see a second as the team behind the Scala language
have released Scala
2.9.2 RC2

With most of the legwork being done with RC1, Scala 2.9.2 RC2
focuses mostly on additional backporting and adding in some
important scaladoc improvements. Effectively doing the admin work.
Fellow Typesafe project Scala IDE for Eclipse simultaneously
announced their second
release candidate for 2.0.1
which updated to feature the latest
bundle Scala language, as to be expected.

There will be one release candidate at the end of the 2.9.2
cycle, but as most Scala developers like to look towards the future
at the same time, many will be talking about Scala 3. The full list
of fixed issues can be seen via the announcement.

This release candidate is made available for testing purposes
only and is not intended for production environments, but that
shouldn’t put you off trying it out when you can. The Scala team
are looking for feedback too, so if you hunt down an issue, feel
free to tell them.

Once again great work from the Scala community to tackle a
large number of issues.

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