First Release for sbt-idea

SBT Plugin and Processor for Creating IntelliJ IDEA Files

Jessica Thornsby

Create IntelliJ IDEA project files for an sbt project with new plugin/processor.

sbt-idea 0.1.0 has been announced. This initial
release can create a directory based IDEA project definition for a
sbt project, an IDEA module for every sbt subproject, and an IDEA
module for sbt project definition. It also supports multi-module
projects and can be used as either an sbt plugin or an sbt
processor, but using it as a plugin requires modification of the
project descriptor. Instructions on the necessary modifications are
available at the project’s github. Please note that sbt-idea 0.1.0
requires sbt version 0.7 and IntelliJ Idea version 9.0.3.

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