Packing some trunks

SAP to sell Hortonworks and Intel-flavoured Hadoop

Elliot Bentley

German data giant SAP certified third-party distros for in-memory database tech HANA, with more to come before end of year.

German data giant SAP is
to redistribute other vendors’ Hadoop distributions, the company
announced today.

A partnership with Hortonworks and Intel will see two flavours
of the big data platform certified for and redistributed with SAP’s
HANA in-memory database tech, allowing for – if the
press release
is to be believed – “real-time insights with
extreme storage”.

It follows the announcement
in February from SAP and Intel that the two had formed a
then-undefined “technical and business partnership”, integrating
Intel’s Hadoop tech with HANA.

Today at TechCrunch Disrupt, the fruits of this coupling were
revealed. Rather than rolling its own version of Hadoop, SAP will
offer customers a choice between two very different distributions,
Intel’s performance-optimised proprietary interpretation or
Hortonworks’ close-to-the-trunk open source version.

The company says it plans to certify additional distributions in
the future, with more to come by the end of the year – a clever
move, especially in a market still without a clear leader.

As larger companies have begun lumbering into the
rapidly-expanding Hadoop market, they’ve often opted to partner
with existing, smaller players more familiar with the technology.
Both Google and Amazon chose to
MapR’s Hadoop distributions into their cloud
platforms, and business intelligence supplier Jaspersoft
both Cloudera and Hortonworks into joining their
“Hadoop Partner ecosystem”.

Elsewhere in the industry, Hadoop’s open-source roots have been
embraced by many of its most active players. Hortonworks and
Cloudera open source much of their research, such as
or a
faster Hive
, Cloudera and Twitter have partnered on
, a new columnar storage format for HDFS, and even
Microsoft has got in on the act with its
REEF Framework

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