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SAP, Sybase and the Cloud

SAP has signed a deal to acquire Sybase for $5.8 billion.

SAP gets a ride to mobile devices through Sybase’s platform and further benefit from Sybase's complex event processing and analytics expertise. In turn, SAP’s in-memory technology will boost Sybase’s database and analytics capabilities.

Analysts have pointed out how SAP may reduce its dependence on Oracle and IBM and emerge a stronger BI player.

Ray Wang takes note of a less obvious aspect of merger. Sybase has developed several products that are popular with cloud vendors. 

As Ray says, "SAP can take advantage of the advances made from the Sybase team to support both private and public cloud environments....Sybase is unique in being able to provide the same database management technologies in both the private and public cloud."

Sounds like tonic for SAP which is still hesitant about the cloud.

Arun Mysore

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