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Cloud computing

Salesforce.com chatters up new buzzword: cloud 2

Arun Mysore

Salesforce.com has announced that the Chatter beta program has been extended to more than 500 customers. Later this year, all 72,500 salesforce.com customers will receive Chatter at no additional charge.

The cloud pioneer also unveiled the AppExchange 2, which includes ChatterExchange, a new category for social enterprise apps. Since its launch in 2005, the AppExchange has grown to host 1,000 apps and service listings.

ChatterExchange on AppExchange 2 comes with more than 12 Chatter-Enabled partner applications.

With these Salesforce.com’s announced it had graduated to Cloud 2, next cloud computing paradigm, Cloud 2. The first phase of cloud computing was driven by desktop. Cloud 2 is inherently social, real-time and mobile.  

“We are in the era of Cloud 2, where social networking use has surpassed e-mail, Facebook and YouTube use have outpaced search and new mobile devices like the iPad are creating entirely new ways to interact with information,” said Marc Benioff, chairman and CEO, salesforce.com.

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