What is Sony SNAP?

Rumoured Sony Project Built on CDT and ObjectiveEClipse

Jessica Thornsby

Confusion surrounds Sony SNAP.

What’s going on with Sony and Objective-C? A Sony SNAP
was visible last night, which was touted as a new
Objective-C based development platform on Linux, using CDT and
ObjectiveEClipse. The webpage has been taken down, but at the time
of writing is still visible thanks to Google’s cache. What’s
interesting, is that ObjectivEClipse is no longer under active
development, a fact which Doug Schaefer tweeted in response to the SNAP project.

Although details about SNAP are still hazy, Alex Blewitt
decided to look on the bright side: “I’m
thrilled that there is increasing interest in Objective-C
generally, and specifically on the Eclipse platform.”

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