Apache Felix Announce New Releases

Roll-Call of Releases For Apache Felix Project

Jessica Thornsby

New releases of Felix Maven SCR Plugin, Felix SCR Ant Task, Felix SCR Generator and more.

The Apache Felix team have announced a list of updates,
including version 1.6.0 of the Apache Felix Maven SCR Plugin. This
Maven 2 plugin is used in generating OSGi Declarative Services and
OSGi Metatype Service descriptors from either JavaDoc tags or Java
5 annotations. In this release, service.ranking property type
should be Integer by default.

Version 1.0.0 of Apache Felix SCR Ant Task has also been
announced. This Ant Task plugin can also generate OSGi Declarative
Services and OSGi Metatype Service descriptors. The Apache Felix
SCR Generator library is used by the Maven SCR Plugin and the SCR
Ant Task for creating descriptors from the JavaDoc tags and Java 5

Finally, version 1.4.0 of Apache Felix SCR Annotations has been
released. This library defines the core Java 5 annotations
supported, and can also be used in Maven projects. This release
contains a bug fix that means cardinality attribute for Property
annotation should now be of type string. All of these releases now
detect AnnotationTagProvider’s through META-INF/services. All
releases can be downloaded now.

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