Roadmap for RabbitMQ Under SpringSource

Jessica Thornsby

SpringSource General Manager announces a greater integration of Spring and the newly-acquired RabbitMQ.

Following the
that the open source cloud messaging technology
RabbitMQ will be added to the SpringSource portfolio of products,
SpringSource General Manager Rod Johnson, has posted his thoughts on why RabbitMQ is a necessary
technology, and how it will be developed under SpringSource.

To him, openness will become even more important in an
environment where cloud computing strives not to become “just
another version of vendor lock-in.” RabbitMQ is open source, and
has an open and active community, and therefore he sees it as a
perfect fit for the cloud. RabbitMQ is also capable of technical
horizontal scaling, cross service scaling, and geographically
diverse scaling. RabbitMQ is protocol based, which means it is not
tied to any particular vendor installed library. Johnson praises
this approach as increasing portability, both for applications and
across different platforms – again, this is something he perceives
as particularly beneficial to cloud computing.

Johnson promises that RabbitMQ will continue as open source
software, and will be distributed in the same way as before, but
with additional investment in the product. Perhaps unsurprisingly,
SpringSource will focus on delivering integration with Spring and
Grails. The Spring edition of RabbitMQ will include a
RabbitTemplate for simple send and receive operations, and support
for “Message-driven POJOs.” The Spring edition will include Channel
Adapters for connecting Spring Integration Message Channels to AMQP
Exchanges on the sending side, and connecting AMQP Queues on the
receiving side.

“Let me be the first to welcome the RabbitMQ community into the
SpringSource family and to encourage the SpringSource community to
take a look at how to get started with RabbitMQ,” he concludes.

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