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Resin – Now Java EE 6 Web Profile Certified

Jessica Thornsby

PLUS, DotCloud acquires Duostack.

Resin Gets Java EE 6 Web Profile Certified

The Resin application server from Caucho is now Java EE 6 Web Profile certified. Resin
comes with its own CDI implementation, “CanDI.” According to the
Resin roadmap (PDF,) the certified beta of Resin will be
version 4.0.18, and the stable release will be 4.1.0. Resin is
available as open source, and in Professional
and Enterprise editions
. The Professional edition starts at
$699 for a one year subscription.

dynaTrace AJAX Edition 3.1 With IE 9

Version 3.1 of the dynaTrace AJAX Edition has
been announced. This version adds experimental support for Internet
Explorer 9 and new categories for performance comparison, including
Shopping, Business, Sports and News. It also adds the User
Experience Report, which analyses the number of End User Actions
within a session, which are not necessarily related to a full page
load. The report also provides links with information on how to
optimise user experience within these types of applications.

Apache Libcloud – Now a Top-Level Project

The Apache Software Foundation have announced that Apache Libcloud is now a Top-Level Project.
Libcloud is an open source Python library that provides an
interface to cloud provider APIs, and currently includes backend
drivers for providers such as Amazon EC2, Rackspace Cloud, GoGrid
and Linode.

“Graduation is a terrific milestone for Libcloud and will help
make it a top choice
for anyone looking at cloud management solutions,” said Anthony
Elder, ASF Vice
President and Libcloud Incubation mentor.

The current release of Libcloud is version

Blocker Bugs Fixed in Eclipse Web Tools

Version 3.2.4 of Eclipse Web Tools Platform, has been announced.
This release fixes two “Blocker Bugs” in Java Server Faces and WTP
ServerTools, in addition to “Major Bugs” in Dali JPA Tools, JSDT,
WTP Java EE Tools, and WTP ServerTools, Source Editing and

PaaS Providers Unite: DotCloud Acquire

Paas company DotCloud has acquired Duostack, fellow Paas
company and home of the Duostack Proactive Cloud. DotCloud will now
support MongoDB as a native part of the DotCloud platform, in
addition to its existing support for PHP, Ruby, Python, Perl, Java,
Node.JS, MySQL, Redis, RabbitMQ, Solr, and PostgreSQL. Duostack
founder and CEO David Chen will join DotCloud. Existing Duostack
customers will be migrated to DotCloud.

“DotCloud’s overall mission will be further reinforced with
David and the Duostack developer community coming on board. And,
with support for MongoDB, our collective users will see immediate
benefits from this acquisition,” said Solomon Hykes, the CEO of
DotCloud. “DotCloud and Duostack share a vision of unleashing the
creativity and productivity of developers, free from the
constraints of hardware and infrastructure, and together we can
deliver on that promise more quickly.”

DotCloud is currently in beta, with general availability planned
for later this year.

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