Requirements Management for Eclipse?

Requirements Modeling Framework Proposed as Eclipse Project

Jessica Thornsby

New project proposal aims to bring requirements management to Eclipse ecosystem.

The Requirements Modeling Framework (RMF) has been
proposed as a new Eclipse project under the Model Development Tools
Project. RMF will provide a technical basis for open source
projects implementing tools for requirements management. This
project will focus on creating libraries and tools for working with
requirements based on the Requirements Interchange Format (ReqIF)
standard, which is an XML-based data structure for exchanging
requirements. RMF will allow the data exchange between tools, and
provide an EMF-based data model, infrastructure tooling and a user

The initial contribution will consist of an EMF-based ReqIF Core
that supports persistence, and a front end that facilitates working
with ReqIF data. The implementation of the ReqIF and RIF metamodels
will include (de)serializers that map the EMF-models to a ReqIF
conforming standard.

The initial contribution is anticipated in July or August,

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