Two Online Marketplaces

Rentalic and appbackr Win PayPal X Developer Challenge

Jessica Thornsby

Rentalic and appbackr have been announced as the first and second place winners, respectively, of the PayPal X Developer Challenge.

The first winner of the PayPal X Developer Challenge, Rentalic, is an
online marketplace for person-to-person renting and sharing between
friends, family and neighbours. Users can post items they wish to
share or rent, or items and services they are looking to rent or
borrow from other people. It utlises PayPal’s Pre-Authorise API,
and Chained Payment API.

Meanwhile, second winner appbackr
allows iPhone developers to sell their applications wholesale, to
help fund development. Developers can sell up to 50,000 units of
their application in the concept stage, and another 50,000 when it
reaches the finished stage. At concept stage, the developer
collects $.25 per unit of the application; and $.40 per unit after
the app has been approved for sale on iTunes.

appbackr hosting costs $25 per month, until your appbackr buyers
have been repaid. appbackr also collects a fee for every
transaction, typically priced at around $.05 at purchase and $0.04
at distribution.

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