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RedMonk Brew London: The Monki Gras – celebrating craft tech and craft beer

Chris Mayer

RedMonk’s first European event is set to be an absolute blockbuster, with some of tech’s finest making an appearance. We talk to RedMonk’s James Governor about the preparation…

The build-up to developer-focused analyst firm RedMonk‘s first European event, The Monki Gras, has reached fever pitch
and some of the best in the tech industry plan to be there on
February 1st.

Organiser James
admits that this is the first time he’s curated an
event of this scale and consequently has been run ragged in the
last few weeks, putting the finishing touches to it. But the names
he’s managed to attract are testament to how important RedMonk is
to the developer community.

He says: 

I feel like Sir Alex Ferguson or Roberto Mancini – I have some
of the top players at my disposal and trying to fit them all in is
causing a headache. Just today Kohsuke Kawaguchi
(Jenkins CI founder) said he’d love to come along and getting
people like him involved is great.

It’s a stellar
attendee list for Monki Gras
. The speaker lineup includes Andre
Charland, founder of the Phonegap project, Dave McRory from the
VMWare cloudfoundry architecture team. Also attending are Matt
Biddulph, Lisa Riechelt, and Mike Milinkovich, executive
director of the Eclipse Foundation. Then there’s Matt LeMay, Bitly
platform director and Laura Merling from Alcatel Lucent. Some of
the biggest movers and shakers in the industry headlining the

And a point that James was insistent in getting across –
the wall between speakers and attendees isn’t going to be there, so
you can get to know everyone as easily as possible. Some excellent
sponsors have emerged too, realising the importance of an event
like this. Google UK, Microsoft and Joyent for example.

The idea for Monki Gras came up as ‘a joke’ according to
Governor. The suggestion of an event that combined a love of tech
and a love of beer was merely mentioned in passing, but
unsurprising created an exceptional level of demand from the
community. The first event, Monktoberfest back proved
immensely successful but many craved a European
counterpart. As the founder says:

It wasn’t a case of ‘build it and they will come’, more ‘they’re
coming and we have to build it’

RedMonk’s fundamental view that people, rather than processes
are at the heart of successful application development. He cites
Linus Torvalds as a perfect example of this, first ‘smashing Linux
out of the park’ then creating the distribution control method Git,
which fuelled the wildly successful socal collaborative
centre Github.

It is this social model that RedMonk believes should be adopted
for the industry. The event will focus on exploring how
technology is changing the way we socialise and how the way we
socialise is influencing the way we build and use

But it isn’t just about tech, oh no. After a day spent in
tech tracks, the night will be spent beer testing London’s craft
beer scene is currently bubbling away nicely, enjoying a
renaissance that was fuelled by a similar community drive from the
bottom up. So the matrimony of the two within The RedMonk Brew
series seems perfect.

A great networking opportunity, thought-provoking content
and a chance to sample some of the best brews London has to offer.
You’d be a fool to miss out.

Fortunately for you, the reader, we have a discount
available for the two day event. Simply enter the code JAX
for 10% discount. 
To snap up your ticket –
hurry over to Eventbrite for reduced rates. Be sure to keep an eye
on the Monki Gras
 and agenda
for any latest revelations that Governor has up his sleeve for the
two day event. Given the overwhelming response so far it’s fairly
likely. We’ll be there too, so expect some coverage next month.

But for now, here’s The Monki Gras details you need.

RedMonk Brew: The Monki

Wednesday 1st February
10:00am – Thursday 2nd February 1:00pm

Conway Hall, 25 Red Lion
Square, WC1R 4RL

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