Five out of eight new projects use Red Hat

Red Hat winning cloud battle against Microsoft, says Wall Street analyst

Chris Mayer

Linux OS now the ‘foundation for operating system for many enterprises private cloud projects’

As the jostling between enterprise cloud contenders ensues, we
have been given the clearest indication of whom is currently making
the most out of the developing market.

Global Equities Research analyst Trip Chowdry recently said
in a note to clients that Red Hat were building a decisive market
share with Linux OS over competitors Microsoft, SUSE Linux and
Oracle Solaris. He said:

Red Hat Linux OS seems to be the foundation operating system for
many enterprises private cloud projects. For every 8 new project
starts, still 5 are occurring on Red Hat Linux Platform and 3 are
occurring on Microsoft platform

He added that Red Hat were also capitalising upon the recent
BigData popularity, enjoying increased win rates in new
projects related to Map-Reduce, BigData and BigData Analytics.
Chowdry cited another reason for Red Hat’s domination when it comes
to new enterprise cloud ventures.

SUSE Linux customers continue to migrate to Red Hat RHEL6.0.
Seems to us that the customer values SVirt Security implementation
on Red Hat’s RHEL6.0 to be significant feature, which is
contributing to SUSE Customers to switch to Red Hat Linux 6.0

This can only be good news for Red Hat after their value on Wall
Street hit $50 on Friday closing. With Chowdry suggesting that the
company’s revenue and margins will enjoy perhaps up to another year
of considerable growth, you can see why Red Hat certainly have
their feet in the clouds.

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