The drama continues

Red Hat, VMware promise to play nice over Vert.x

Elliot Bentley

But creator Tim Fox says a “complete breakdown of trust” with his former employer means a fork may still be imminent.

Hat and VMware have pledged to work together to ensure that Vert.x
remains active and under the leadership of its creator Tim

It comes 36 hours after Fox, who recently left VMware for Red Hat,
informed the Vert.x mailing list that he had been
told to hand over IP rights to his former employer
and that
talks between the companies had “failed to come to a better

In response to a community outcry on the mailing list and social
networks, a joint
statement was posted
 by Red Hat VP Mark Little in
conjunction with Alexis Richardson, Senior Director of VMware,
insisting that both companies were “still very much in active
discussion regarding how best to support the Vert.x project going

Tim’s continued status as project lead is something that both
companies feel is an essential component to the success of the
project.  We see no reason for this to change and wish to
assure everyone on that point.

With the benefit of the support from *both* Red Hat and VMware we
agree that the Vert.x project has an excellent opportunity to
continue to build on its popularity and successes to date and have
an exciting 2013.

Little, who represents Red Hat on the Eclipse Foundation’s
Executive Board, later added that the Foundation was “somewhere we
have experience and I feel it could be a good home for

Soon after, Fox began a new thread titled “The
future of the Vert.x project”
discussing the possibility of
forking the project or moving it to a neutral foundation. Fox said
his preferred option is a “Netty-style solution” whereby VMware
provides a license for the Vert.x name.

However, he added that there had been “an almost complete breakdown
of trust and communication between myself and VMW due the recent
actions and subsequent behind the scenes political actions by
certain parties”.

Little’s post was preempted by VMware employee Guillaume Laforge,
writing on the mailing list in a personal capacity, who urged:
“let’s all be patient and not judge anybody without knowing the
whole story :-)”, adding: “you only heard Tim’s vision of the

Fox replied that “the post I made is RHT’s point of view, it is
_not_ my personal opinion, and was fully approved and vetted by RHT
before it went out”.

At the time of writing, community members were still actively
debating how to resolve the issue – although it appears Vert.x’s
fate now ultimately lies in the hands of VMware.

Photo by AndYaDontStop.

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