Meet OpenShift

Red Hat Launch New PaaS

Jessica Thornsby

New Red Hat platform supports Spring, Seam, Weld, CDI, Rails and Rack framework.

Red Hat have launched OpenShift, a new PaaS for open source developers. Supported
frameworks include Spring, Seam, Weld, CDI, Rails, Rack, Symfony,
Zend Framework, Twisted, Django and Java EE, and the PaaS includes
both SQL and NoSQL data stores and a distributed file system. There
are also plans to support Java EE 6.

“Developers turn to open source for innovation and choice. With
OpenShift, we deliver the first Platform-as-a-Service that meets
those needs,” said Brian Stevens, vice president, Engineering and
CTO at Red Hat. “By providing the broadest platform and choice of
languages, frameworks and supported cloud providers, OpenShift
gives developers the cloud destination they’ve been dreaming

There are three application deployment services offered as part
of OpenShift; Express (platform for Ruby, PHP and Python
applications) Flex (Java EE and PHP) and Power (for apps that are
written to Linux, and anything that builds on Linux.)AWS accounts
are required for OpenShift Flex.

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