A network-attached storage in the cloud

Red Hat create a highly available virtualised storage pool


Red Hat create their own Virtual Storage Appliance for Amazon Web Services

Red Hat has
 that they have created their own Virtual
Storage Appliance (VSA) for Amazon Web Services (AWS) for
relocating enterprise datacentres to the cloud. This solution
was designed to enable companies to extend scalable NAS storage to
the cloud with support for additional cloud providers.

 The VSA is built on Red Hat Gluster technology. It
primarily deals with a clustered filesystem which is based on
backend Amazon Web Services. Storage product marketing manager at
Red Hat, Tom Trainer said “essentially what we are providing is
network-attached storage in the cloud.” This means that users are
able to aggregate both Amazon Elastic Compute Cloud (EC2) and
Amazon Elastic Block Storage (EBS). 

Essentially the user can utilize the appliance to create a space
that can serve as a cloud storage space for data overflow or as a
large pool of resources which can be accessed regularly.

Computer Technology Review noted that this
will create “a highly available virtualised storage pool that
offers enhanced scalability and performance in the cloud…These
two products provide greater flexibility to organisations looking
to include file storage in their on-premise and cloud

AWS contains both backup options; synchronous and asynchronous
file replication, assuring data availability across AWS
Availability Zones. Asynchronous geo-replication is available to
replicate across all AWS regions. Synchronous replication provides
users with redundancy and protection across single or multiple
datacentres and regions. 

Red Hat has also publicized that the VSA is POSIX-compliant,
thus no re-coding of apps is needed to give the apps access to data
in this cloud. Trainer proclaimed that is it “the leading
enterprise-ready scale-out NAS offering for the public cloud
available on the market today.”

RH VSA can be installed in minutes and users can use its storage
“as a large pool or resource and replicate to and from the cloud to
meet [their] growing storage needs and to handle overflow

The Red Hat Virtual Storage Appliance for Amazon Web Services is
available now.

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