FuseSource puts its red open source hat on

Red Hat acquires FuseSource to boost messaging middleware portfolio

Chris Mayer

The Red Hat enterprise news keeping coming in thick and fast. Now, Apache solution specialists FuseSource will join their middleware division

We’ve seen plenty of big announcements coming out of Red Hat
Summit this week, but this move from the open source giant could be
the shrewdest enterprise venture yet.

The acquisition of open source integration and messaging company
FuseSource, behind such products as the Apache CXF-based Fuse
Services framework, will certainly add some extra juice to Red
Hat’s middleware division, enabling them to roll out some
enterprise-grade applications to their customers.

Whilst initial plans of how they will utilise FuseSource’s lengthy
back-catalogue have yet to be fully revealed, it’s clear that Red
Hat sees huge potential in integrating some of its open source
projects into its existing product line. Though financial terms
weren’t disclosed in the deal, it is considered final by both
parties involved.

“Application integration software is one of the fastest growing
segments of the enterprise software market,” said Red Hat’s VP and
General Manager of Middleware Craig Muzilla in a press

He added: “As cloud computing becomes more prevalent, enterprise
customers are demanding greater application integration to enable
seamless use of cloud computing. With the addition of FuseSource to
our middleware portfolio, we will enable customers to experience
greater integration capabilities and flexibility. FuseSource’s
technologies, expertise, and commitment to open source make them a
great fit.”

The move across to the open source behemoth is a logical one for
FuseSource’s side, considering the fact both have a healthy open
source mantra. Already playing a big role in projects such as
Apache ServiceMix, Apache ActiveMQ, Apache CFX, and Apache Camel
and deploying their own mix at several Fortune500 companies,
FuseSource is undoubtedly the market leader in messaging projects,
and Red Hat clearly sees a potential linkup with their JBoss
division. Red Hat could also open the door to other global
companies seeking advanced middleware messaging.

Understandably, FuseSource Software Fellow, James Strachan was
buoyant about the move,
writing in his blog

This immediately makes us the #1 open source integration and
messaging stack (among other things!) providing a distributed ESB
& messaging system together with integrated data
transformation, rules engine (BRMS), CEP, BPM & registry – with
full linux, storage, data services, CDI, web app & JEE support
too – all in a highly modular architecture; use the smallest &
simplest thing you need to get your job done.

There’s a ton of work to do but we’re all really excited! I’m
particularly looking forward to working with all the great folks at
Red Hat, our awesome customers & the various vibrant open
source communities to make an even better open source integration
& messaging stack with great tooling & cloud support.
Expect lots of cool stuff soon!

There’s already a fair bit of crossover between the two already
– the Fuse Services framework is already used in the JBoss
Enterprise Application Platform 6. With Red Hat’s swoop for the
firm, we could see some big advances in Enterprise Service Bus
within their platforms as they prepare for the next generation of
cloud projects.

It may take some time to see this partnership develop concrete
products, but we’re excited to see this relationship flourish – it
can only benefit both and the strength of the open source business
model moving forward.

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