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Rebranded CDI 2.0 joins the JCP

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Next major iteration of standard for dependency injection in Java makes its arrival to the Java Community Process.


This is it: the CDI 2.0 , the next major
iteration of the  dependency injection standard in Java has
arrived in the Java Community Process, and is already running under
the JSR 365.  It’s had to had discard a few letters along the
way, but there’s a good reason for this.

CDI without EE

The abbreviation CDI is the future moniker for
Contexts and Dependency Injection for Java. Those with a
 trained eye will  immediately see that, in comparison to
its old name, there’s a little something missing: the “EE” for
Enterprise Edition at the end. The reason for this of course is the
focus of the planned version: To add CDI 2.0 to
SE support
 into the standard, it’s much more
convenient to make the name more neutral.

CDI modular

In addition to the Java SE Support, the
development of CDI 2.0 is also dedicated to modularity . According
to the

blog post
for the proposal, too often in the
past, in frameworks and other JSRs, CDI has been left out or only
partially implemented because the specification was previously too
complex. The writer continues:

” Before we started adding features to CDI, we
want to see if we can introduce “parts”, to avoid creating a spec
gives the impression of being big and heavy. “

More Features

Besides these two core objectives, there’s a few
additional plans CDI 2 also in the offing. For example, a proposal
for a portable bootstrap API for CDI. There will also be
enhancements to the CDI context model.

CDI Roadmap

With the JSR an important step has been taken. The initial
expert group consists of the Spec Leads Pete Muir and Antoine
Sabot-Durand (both Red Hat). This group must now be expanded to
begin with the actual work on the specification can. Ideally, the
final specification will then be ready end of 2015 or early

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