Mix-and-Match Licensing Option

Rational Team Concert 3.0 With Agile and Formal Process Templates

Jessica Thornsby

Rational Team Concert 3.0 is released with distributed SCM functionality.

Rational Team Concert version 3.0 has been announced, with agile and
formal process templates that can be tailored to meet a project’s
specific needs. These templates can also be customised using
elements from both agile and formal. Distributed SCM functionality
has been added, meaning that teams can perform source code
operations on projects located on different Rational Team Concert
servers. In addition, new work item customisation features have
been added, including functionality for validating data entry with
regular expressions or number ranges. When it comes to licensing,
users can mix and match from five client licenses. To decide which
licensing option is right for you, please visit the Rational Team Concert webpage.

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