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RAP mobile gets another preview in 0.5.8

Chris Mayer

The latest addition to the native mobile toolkit have been revealed by the EclipseSource team

The regular updates just keep coming for the EclipseSource iOS
and Android widget toolkit project, as
RAP mobile 0.5.8
previews just some of the new performance
upgrades and new widgets.

Whilst most of the changes have been done on the mobile client
side, RAP (Rich Ajax Platform) itself has been given a coat of
gloss by the team with the introduction of a
new Application API
, which allows developers to use OSGi
lightweight frameworks but without ties to the Eclipse stack. This
means they can now kill internal RAP and workbench references.

As for support, the Android client now supports the SWT Group
Widget (see below) whilst there’s the introduction of the
UI right-click for the mobile space. RAP
mobile now supports a special discovery mechanism to help you find
the available entry points configured for
Application. You can append the
special identifier “/index.json” to your URL, which delivers a JSON
document listing all the available entry points.

Other new tidbits include the addition of client-side
caching of images, plus improved handling of a session timeout. For
all that’s new in this release, check out the
. Hopefully, we’ll see this project come to fruition in
the coming months.

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